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Thursday, May 11th, 2017. Work

Sounds like a simple enough interview question, right?!   

Yet many candidates fail to prepare well for this question.  Here are some interview tips to help your prepare a great answer and shine during your interviews. 

‘Why do you want to work with us?’  is commonly asked during interviews and it is a very important question.  A great answer can reveal so much about the candidate and their motivations.  While a poor response will leave the interviewer feeling a little underwhelmed. 

Here are some real answers I have received in reply to this question:

“I would love to work for a start up.”

“I want to work for a tech company.”

“I am looking for something different.’

All of the above answers may be very true for the candidate, however the answers could be applied to a thousand companies.  When a question like this is asked the company is looking to get an insight into you, your motivations and to understand why you want to work with them specifically.

A great answer will:

  • Be specific to the company which you are interviewing with.
  • Detail why you want to work with their product / service (research, research, research, not only for the interview but to ensure you are also interested in what the company does)
  • Perhaps you have a friend or ex colleague who works there and has told you about the working environment and opportunities available.
  • Explain how your skills can bring value.  
  • Don’t be afraid to be excited.


Show your passion and be honest!


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