Interview Coaching London

Work&Life provide expert career advice and interview coaching in London to help go-getters reach their career goals.

Interview Coaching in London

With over 10 years’ worth of experience in recruitment, Work&Life founder Katie Byrne has interviewed thousands of people, giving her expert insight into what the interviewer is looking for. On her own professional development path, Katie’s career journey has taken her to the interview seat, giving her a genuine understanding of how it feels to be interviewed. Collectively, these experiences have shaped Katie into an expert career consultant with a finesse for giving constructive advice and a sincere desire to help people succeed in their work and life.

Interview Coaching London

Securing an interview is an exciting time; it shows you that the interviewer has seen something in you that they like. It can also be a nerve-wracking time as you want to showcase your talents and expertise without letting the nerves take over. Work&Life will work with you to develop your interview technique, giving you the skills you need to boost your interview confidence.

The Interview Coaching Package

Working closely with professional career consultant Katie Byrne, you will receive an extensive interview training package tailored to your individual requirements. You will receive the following:

  • A pre-session assessment via email.
  • A comprehensive 75-minute interview training session via Skype.
  • Constructive feedback and a personalised action plan.

The pre-session assessment is designed to determine the key areas to focus on during your interview training. Your career consultant will be in touch with you to request information to help tailor your session, such as the type of roles you are currently applying for and any interview questions that you find particularly challenging. Your answers will help to set the session’s agenda, giving you a completely personalised training experience.

The mock interview will give you the opportunity to practice your interview technique and receive useful feedback to help develop your skills. This is designed to not only give you a practice run, but more importantly to give your career consultant an insight into your current interview technique and be able to devise a suitable action plan. With a knowledgeable understanding of the type of roles you are applying for, your career consultant will have pre-prepared questions arranged, with a mix of common interview questions, competency-based questions and industry-specific questions. The feedback you receive will be constructive and your consultant will work with you discuss how you can improve your performance. Your session will be followed up with an action plan, outlining the ways in which you can develop your interview technique, as discussed with your consultant.