Interview Advice: Why Should We Hire You?

Thursday, September 28th, 2017. Work
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“Why should we hire you?” is one of the most commonly asked interview questions for a reason; it gives the interviewer an insight into how you would fit their company. Follow our interview advice to create the perfect answer that’s unique to you. 

When the interviewer asks “Why should we hire you?” they are trying to find out if you can fit their requirements and into their team. Asking this notorious question isn’t just a chance to make you sweat under the interview heat, but a chance to get a genuine insight into your personal and professional traits. Our interview advice comes from professional career consultant, Katie Byrne, who has worked in recruitment for over a decade. Follow her simple three step guide to answering the inevitable interview question.

  1. Give Specific Examples 

The interviewer wants you to demonstrate how you fit these requirements, not just say that you think you do. They want you to give real examples of times when you have used a trait that they are looking for, not just take your word for it. Think back to the job advertisement; was there a person spec or requirements list? Use these as the basis for your answer and think of an example for each requirement. If the job spec says that the ideal candidate should have strong Microsoft Excel skills, think about a time where you did something in Excel that benefited the company, provided them with a solution, or you received positive feedback. Demonstrating a real example is better than simply repeating the job spec back to the interviewer as this could appear as though you don’t actually posses these skills.

  1. Solve Their Problem 

The job that you applied for was advertised because the company has some sort of problem. This could be an increased workload, a need for a new department, or simply that someone has left. Asking why they should hire you means that the company wants to know how you can solve their problem. If this is for a new or expanding department role, give them examples of how your experience has benefited previous employers. If the company is facing a larger workload, demonstrate a time when you have balanced a large workload or taken on more responsibility. By telling the interviewer exactly how you can solve their problem, you are helping them to see that you are the ideal candidate.

  1. Fit in Their Team

It’s imperative to the interviewer that you are someone who gets along with other people and will fit into the company structure with no fuss. While it may seem obvious to you that won’t cause any problems, it can be reassuring to the person conducting the interview to see that you work well in a team. Avoid saying vague statements like “I’m a team player” or “I work well with others” as the interviewer won’t be able to take this at face value. Make sure the interviewer is confident that you work well in a team by describing a time when you have worked with others to complete a task. This way, the employer knows that you will slot into their company with no problems.

Follow our interview advice to ensure the potential employer can be certain that you are the right candidate for the job. Don’t be scared when the employer asks “Why should we hire you?” and instead, think of it as the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills in a concise and effective way.


Further Interview Advice

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