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Wednesday, January 11th, 2017. Life, Work

When was the last time you tried something new?

One of my goals for 2017 is to introduce something new into my life each week.  Well actually, I am aiming for two. Since I set up Work & Life I thought that it was only fitting to introduce something new into both work and life.

Towards the end of last year, I became aware that my weeks were rolling into one.  It was difficult to distinguish what I did last week from what I did three weeks ago ….. yoga, work, (perhaps dinner with a friend), home and then it was nearly time for bed.  Especially when I am office based, this can become my Monday to Friday routine.

I actually quite like routine,  I get up every morning at 5.30am to practice the same set sequence of yoga poses and have done so for the last 4 years, personally routine makes me feel more grounded.  However, I don’t wish to settle into a flow where each week becomes the same and where I go into autopilot mode.  Autopilot is when my mindfulness is stripped away and I forget to live in the moment.  By introducing something new into my week I have had to become more aware, and in work should I introducing a new way of doing a task being on autopilot simply does not work.

Since beginning this I have seen my productivity increase and I learn more about myself.   I observe how I react or interact with that new element I have introduced, weeks are easily separated by what I have done and I have also  opened myself up for new possibilities.  

The ‘something new’ can be anything you want,  it can be fun or productive.  You may love  what you have done or you may never do it again, either way you are exploring and developing skills, interests and knowledge.


Here is how I work:

4 week cycle

Weeks 1, 2 & 3 – Incorporate something new

Week 4 I can re-introduce a task or activity I have tried before

(On my first cycle I hit a wall on the 4th week and couldn’t think of something new.  Turned out to work really well as it gives me time to think back over what I have tried and what I would like to re-introduce especially if it is something that I rated high but let slip)


There are no rules to this, but I have found that journaling about my something new at the end of the week can be really helpful:



What did I introduce?

Category –  Fun / Productive etc

Rating out of 10 – For me a 10 would mean that this is something I am going to keep up on an ongoing basis and a 1 means that I don’t think I will be doing that again!

Summary –  Why I gave that specific rating?  This is where you begin to learn a little more about yourself.  

Next week – What I am going to do


It is as simple as that, no apps or technology required.  What you decide on each week is completely up to you, from starting a new activity (I did indoor bouldering last week) to trying a new presentation format at work.  Sometimes your something new will work and sometimes it won’t, but until we move outside of our comfort zone and try different way will never know.  

I would love to hear if this is something you take on or are currently doing please drop us a message and let us know!  


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