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Thursday, December 1st, 2016. Work

We are open for business!

Thank you all so much for your support over the last number of months.

Our blog is where you will find career advice and life stories but today I wanted to welcome you to Work & Life.

What to expect from Work & Life

Our mission is to help you achieve a happy and successful career, however you choose to design your future! We provide candid advice, and one to one mentorship with an experienced career consultant which is tailored specifically to you.  At Work & Life we believe that each one of us can accomplish great feats with a supportive crew behind us.  And for life outside of the office we will share and explore life hacks, stories and tips.

How we came to life

Last year I embarked on my fourth trip to India.  I travelled to Mysore, South India for 3 months, to practice yoga and to work on my own career strategy.  India is a land full of experiences, colours, smells, noises, contrasts, chaos, beauty and spirit.  I was thousands of miles away from everything I knew and faced challenges both mentally and physically.  I would wake by 4 am to practice yoga and then I was faced with indecisions and low self confidence regarding my career choices, and in going it alone to set up my own business – a goal I have wanted to achieve for the last couple of years.  It’s a funny old world, in my working life I had belief in others and on a daily basis worked and encouraged others as they progressed in their career but did not offer the same advice to myself.

After many internal conversations and a lot of mind mapping (a diagram used to visually organise thoughts) I allowed myself to believe in what I wanted and to believe in myself.  It was always there but now it was time to acknowledge and act on my ideas.

It was in a cafe in a small town called Gokulam, where I first shared my intentions of setting up my own business.  I told my friends about my plans to set up  a career related business where I could take all that I have loved and learned from my years as a recruiter and to share this with others.  I received nothing but encouragement and support, and the light within was ignited once again.  For more details on my experience please visit Katie’s story.

Over a decade of knowledge and skills, a passion to help others achieve, a year of planning and finally Work & Life has become a reality.

“Turn your dreams into ideas, and your ideas into action.”


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