Don’t Give Up

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017. Work

When an interview question is challenging – Don’t give up.

The ability to problem solve is a key requirement for a wide number of roles from engineering to business related positions.   During the interview process there is a high probability that you will be asked to solve a business problem or be given a brain teaser.

A problem-solving question can be quite scary, especially in an already stressful environment, but the key thing to remember is don’t give up.  

The question may seem extremely complex as you try to tackle the problem (some brain teasers have included questions like ‘how many golf balls can you fit into a school bus’!!) The interviewer is most concerned about is how you get to the answer as opposed to the answer itself, in some instances there may be not right answer.   

When faced with this challenge:

Ask qualifying questions if needed

Take a few moments to think   

Talk through your thought process – explain your logic 

Don’t give up

Candidates who don’t attempt the question will unfortunately fail this section of the interview process.  The interviewer is assessing how you work through a problem so don’t give up!


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